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How to Make a Gravity Bong?
When it comes to bongs, Gravs are always my favorite because smoke from Gravs hit you really hard and fast.

Cleaning Your Bong - How to Clean a Bong?
Using a bong to smoke will not only enhance the smoking experience, but also make the smoking process less harmful.

Enhance Your Smoking Experience with Water Pipe and Bongs
Bongs look very similar to hookah of the Arabic culture and they filter smoke while smoking tobacco and similar smoking substances. The design of bongs is inspired from water pipes.

How to Maximize Your Smoking Experience With Bongs?
Use cold water and fill your bong – Water is meant to cool the smoke and cool water will ensure that smoke is cooled thoroughly and as an additional sidekick, you will also get to enjoy the bubbling sound.

Glass Bongs For Sale – Authentic Glass Blown Bongs At A Cheap Price
When it comes to smoking accessories and instruments, bongs are always a winner. Bongs were first used in the Arabic culture and they are popular in hookah parties. 

Molino Bowl Clear Cup large, diamound ground

Molino Bowl Clear Cup large, diamound ground
Price: $7.36
Buy Molino Bowl Clear Cup large, diamound ground Now!

Product Description
The Molino clear glass bowl is hand made by the experts at the Molino glass studios.

Hand blown from heavy duty Pyrex they are made to the 14.5 standard joint size, this enables them to not only fit the range of Molino Bongs but also other 14.5 pieces (Hurricane bongs, Roor bongs and others).

Manufacturer: Molino
Glass Size: 4.5 cm
Joint Size: 14.5 mm

BROWSE MORE PRODUCTS FROM Accessories and Spare Parts

Conicle Chillum 18.8
Conicle Chillum 18.8
This conicle chillum is compatible with Magic Glass bongs that have a 18.8 connection....
Price: $15.31
Buy Conicle Chillum 18.8 Now!
Weed Star Tulip Bowl – 18.8
Weed Star Tulip Bowl – 18.8
This Weed star glass bowl has a very cool pattern and a deep bowl to pack your favorite...
Price: $20.2
Buy Weed Star Tulip Bowl – 18.8 Now!
EHLE. Glass - Clear Glass Screen 14.5mm
EHLE. Glass - Clear Glass Screen 14.5mm
EHLE's clear glass screens act as a gauze and fit best in the 14.5mm bowl on your EH...
Price: $2.27
Buy EHLE. Glass - Clear Glass Screen 14.5mm Now!
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